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CARLSON MARITIME TRAVEL- services Yacht owners, boat owners, their captains and crew to cruise or sail to CUBA LEGALLY.   We have been OFAC licensed, are presently OFAC compliant  (Office of Foreign Asset Control), U.S. Treasury Department and have been sending legal American groups and individuals to Cuba for many  years. In addition, we hold an export license from the U.S.  State Department license for sojourns to Cuba longer than 14 days.  We have been granted all licenses required for private vessels and legal travel to Cuba.

Carlson Maritime is contracted directly with Havanatur/Celimar- the largest travel company in Cuba serving Americans.  Havanatur’s Maritime section employs seasoned professional seamen and retired Navy officers to oversee this new emerging department. We are proud and one of a handful that are directly contracted providing access to land and maritime services throughout Cuba.

For U.S. regulations, we provide you with the required paperwork and forms for the U.S. Coast Guard, and U.S. Customs. We submit it for you, assist with corrections and revisions until completed.  For Cuban requirements, we will supply you with the required forms, confirm marina slips, we supply you with Cuban visas, required medical insurance, information on water, electric, hook ups, etc. We will create for you a personal land tour with the required full schedule of pre-approved activities while in Cuba to satisfy your general license. We provide private guides, drivers, events, meals at the best paladars, show tickets, vintage car tours and much more.

We book directly with Marina Hemingway for slip rental and confirmation, and are proud to say that are members of the Yacht Club and have established personal relationships with staff and personnel at the marina.  In addition to Marina Hemingway, we can assist with all major marinas in Cuba such as Marina Varadero, Marina Cayo Largo, Marina Cienfuegos, Marina Santiago de Cuba.  Our Cuba travel land and yachting services have been featured in publications such as CUBA JOURNAL, CUBA TRADE MAGAZINE AND CUBA STANDARD.

       For all your legal services for travel to Cuba by sea, land and air, contact CARLSON MARITIME- YOUR CUBA CONNECTION.

                                                                                                                727.945.1930 or email us at: info@scarlsontvl.com

We are proud members of the          Suzanne and Commodore

Hemingway International                 Escrich- 25th Anniversay

Yacht Club                                            Hemingway Yacht Club

                                                                                                  Some of the yachts we have assisted: 

                                                   JOURNEY*  PERSISTENCE*  BRENDA'S III *  CORRIAMO *  SUPERNOVA *  HOLMPORT * 

                                                                    SWEDEDREAMER*    PRIVATE ISLAND *   CHEATIN' DEATH*